Thank you to my online friends!

Online Friendship

One day, you find out you have something in common with someone that you play a game with.
At random times, someone will send a whisper to you to say hi and ask how your day is going.
That one time you healed a group really good, someone asks to keep in contact just in case they need a healer at some time.
When you haven’t been online for a while and your guildie asks if everything is ok and tells you that they missed you.
You literally just logged into bnet and you get a whisper demanding that you’re needed in a group they’ve been trying to complete.
All of these are welcomed and appreciated by someone who has depression and hates them self or someone that just seems to be a quiet person in the game.
I will continue to reach out for great conversations because I appreciate these conversations and being replied to - even if you are busy but take a couple seconds at any point to say you’re sorry you didn’t reply right away and that you meant to.
Thank you to all of my online friends.