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About Eeve

  • Eeve started streaming in 2019 with a goal to leave a legacy of herself behind for family and friends to remember her by. Since she already talked to herself while gaming (and to other characters that have no idea she’s talking to them), she figured that she might as well have others join in the conversation with her! Starting to earn stars was the beginning of the official business in September 2020.
  • Eeve is very engaging and cares about how your day is going, no matter where you are from, what circumstances you’re in, and whether you play the same games or not. She may even talk to you if you’re part of the opposing faction!


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Keeping an eye on Eeve

March 9, 2023: FINALLY reached 2k IO - Keystone Master!!

Feb 2, 2023: Streams have been less lately due to real life and depression kicking in. I have stated that I will aim to stream more, though!

Dec 14, 2022: The new expansion, Dragonflight, had Eeve starting off slow and smelling the flowers.. until she realized that mythic plusses and raiding was just around the corner. Tonight, we will be starting our raiding journey!

Yay! I finally reached Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season 4 just a few minutes ago! Mythic rating of at least 2000. This one does come with the Restoration Deathwalker mount, which I have no interest in.

Eeve did not make it to mythic rating of 3000 in Shadowlands Season 3. 2918 was her final number.

I have started a full-time job, so my play time has been limited, and I have to now stream to FB and Tw separately, since I have Subscriptions available for both now!

Eeve reached the 2500 IO score for the achievement, "Keystone Master: Season 3!" on April 20, 2022. YES! - this IS the achievement that gives the cool red mount, the Wastewarped Deathwalker.

If you want to see how she parses, check out her stats on wowanalyzer here.

Here is the link to see the gear she puts on every morning (blood stained and all).

Want to see how you kick her butt in achievements? Here is the link!

Want to taste Eeve's Peach Juice? AWWE Maybe another time.


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